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Continuing Education Information

It is the policy of the West Virginia Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners (Board) to conduct audits pursuant to 18CSR2, §18-2-7. Audit of Licenses.

Definition of Terms: the following definitions of terms will be utilized specifically for the administration of random audits.

  1. ARRT: American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.
  2. ASPMA: American Society of Podiatric Medical Assistants.
  3. Biennium dates: The two (2) year period defined by the national certification agency for the accumulation of twenty-four (24) Category A Continuing Education (CE) credits, (i.e. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and/or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board).
  4. CE: Denotes Category A Continuing Education (CE) Credits.
  5. CE Probation Status: Licensee designation for a 90-day window during which delinquent CE credits may be earned. Licensee must request CE probation status through completion of appropriate application and payment of fee.
  6. Grandfathered Licensees: References licensees that were recognized at the implementation of the licensure process that are not nationally certified.
  7. NMTCB: Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.
  8. Probational Temporary License: This license affords ninety (90) days beyond the defined biennium dates for a licensee on "CE Probation" to obtain necessary Category A Continuing Education Credits.
  9. RECEEM: A nationally Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism.
  10. Reinstatement of Suspended License: Individuals wishing to reinstate a suspended license must meet the continuing education requirements set forth in the Board's Rule 18CSR1 and pay a reinstatement fee in addition to the renewal fee as specified in the Rule.
  11. Suspended license: A license that has been inactivated due to failure to supply the required Category A Continuing Education (CE) Credits.
  1. Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Licensee Renewals
    The Board documents compliance of twenty-four (24) Category A Continuing Education (CE) credits in the twenty-four (24) month biennium certification through review of the licensee's national certification status by the appropriate national organization. The two sources of verification most commonly utilized are the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB). Compliance with twenty-four (24) Category A Continuing Education (CE) credits and documentation of completion of the required CE is the responsibility of each licensee.
  2. Grandfathered Licensees
    A licensee who holds a West Virginia Medical Imaging License as a Grandfathered licensee is required to submit documentation of twelve (12) Category A Continuing Education (CE) Credits annually at the time of annual renewal of license. This submission of documents will be considered a part of the audit process and licensees with a Grandfathered license will not be requested to submit additional documentation.
  3. Podiatry Permits
    A licensee who holds a West Virginia Medical Imaging Podiatry Permit is required to submit documentation of twelve (12) Category A Continuing Education (CE) credits annually from the American Society of Pediatric Medical Assistants (ASPMA) at the time of annual renewal of licensure permit. This submission of documents will be considered a part of the audit process and licensees holding a West Virginia Medical Imaging Podiatry Permit will not be requested to submit additional documentation.
  4. New Graduates
    The Board will accept a copy of the transcript from the medical imaging institution of higher learning and a copy of the national certification documents as evidence of Category A Continuing Education (CE) credit.
  5. CE Probation Status
    A licensee who is unable to submit evidence of twenty-four (24) Category A Continuing Education (CE) Credits at the time of renewal can request a "Probational Temporary License" that would be imprinted with "CE Probation" and include the dates of the probationary period. The CE Probation will extend for a period of ninety (90) days as set forth in 18CSR2, §18-2-7. Audit of Licenses. Individuals wishing to reinstate a license from CE Probation must meet the continuing education requirements set forth in this Rule and pay the fee for reinstatement as specified in the Board's Rule 18CSR1. Credits obtained as a part of the CE Probation are specific to remedy the CE Probation and cannot be utilized as documentation to fulfill future biennium requirements. The Board shall not renew a Probational Temporary License issued for non-compliance with Continuing Education (CE) requirements.
  6. Category A Continuing Education (CE) Credits
    Minimum standards for Category A Continuing Education (CE) credits require approval from a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM).

    A complete list of approved RCEEM's can be found at the following websites:
  7. Suspended License
    Licensees on CE Probation with a "Probational Temporary License" that are unable to document compliance within the allowable ninety (90) day period will have their license suspended.
  8. Reinstatement of Suspended Licenses
    Individuals wishing to reinstate a suspended license must meet the continuing education requirements set forth in this Rule and pay the reinstatement fee in addition to the renewal fee as specified in the Board's Rule 18CSR1.

Director's Reports

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PDF2018_03 - Director's Report - March.pdfDownload
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PDF2018_01 - Director's Report - January.pdfDownload
PDF2017_12 - Director's Report - December.pdfDownload
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PDF2017_10 - Director's Report - October.pdfDownload
PDF2017_09 - Director's Report - September.pdfDownload
PDF2017_08 - Director's Report - August.pdfDownload
PDF2017_07 - Director's Report - July.pdfDownload
PDF2017_06 - Director's Report - June.pdfDownload
PDF2017_05 - Director's Report - May.pdfDownload
PDF2017_04 - Director's Report - April.pdfDownload
PDF2017_03 - Director's Report - March.pdfDownload
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PDF2016_07 - Director's Report - July.pdfDownload
PDF2016_06 - Director's Report - June.pdfDownload
PDF2016_05 - Director's Report - May.pdfDownload
PDF2016_04 - Director's Report - April.pdfDownload

Disciplinary Actions Information

Fiscal Year - 2020
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Dial Jacqueline 2846 01-FY-2020 Consent 12/12/2019
Pauley Michael 5622 02-FY-2020 Consent 12/27/2019
Fisher Fallon 6514 03-FY-2020 Consent 1/3/2020
Ferrell Jillian 9596 04-FY-2020 Consent 3/27/2020
Bowers Pamela 2780 05-FY-2020 Consent 3/17/2020
06-FY-2020 Pending
07-FY-2020 Pending
08-FY-2020 Pending
09-FY-2020 Pending

Fiscal Year - 2019
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Crigger Paul 4730 01-FY-2019 Consent 1/10/2019
Fletcher Ashley 8653 02-FY-2019 Consent 1/4/2019
Williams Brad 5395 03-FY-2019 Consent 1/17/2019
Cassidy Erica 10220 04-FY-2019 Consent 1/11/2019
Williams Paula 5625 05-FY-2019 Consent 1/17/2019
Tracy Misty 10221 06-FY-2019 Consent 1/22/2019
Hott Amanda 10282 07-FY-2019 Consent 4/3/2019
Barlow Sherri 5030 08-FY-2019 Consent 3/15/2019
Lani Crane 1738 09-FY-2019 Consent 10/2/2019
Starlene Johnson 5590 10-FY-2019 Consent 10/2/2019
Laney Valorie 9424 11-FY-2019 Consent 7/19/2019
Ashby Tammy 1567 12-FY-2019 Consent 7/16/2019
13-FY-2019 Referred 2/6/2019
Lawson Brittany 8569 14-FY-2019 Consent 8/1/2019
15-FY-2019 Dismissed 5/23/2019
16-FY-2019 Dismissed 5/23/2019
17-FY-2019 Referred 5/23/2019
18-FY-2019 Referred 5/23/2019
19-FY-2019 Dismissed 11/21/2019
Blake Caitlin 10415 20-FY-2019 Consent 9/24/2019
Gillum Olivia 10444 21-FY-2019 Consent 9/24/2019

Fiscal Year - 2018
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2018 Dismissed 11/16/2017
Schmader Danielle 10045 02-FY-2018 Consent 12/14/2017
Russell Brittany 8710 03-FY-2018 Consent 12/15/2017
Pate Cherie 4203 04-FY-2018 Consent 6/25/2018
05-FY-2018 Dismissed 11/15/2018
Pardue Amy 1826 06-FY-2018 Consent 1/7/2019
07-FY-2018 Dismissed 11/15/2018

Fiscal Year - 2017
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2017 Dismissed 8/18/2016
02-FY-2017 Referred 8/18/2016
Farley Terrance 8802 03-FY-2017 Probation 11/16/2016
04-FY-2017 Dismissed 10/20/2016
Straight Heather 3585 05-FY-2017 Consent 12/21/2016
06-FY-2017 Dismissed 2/23/2017
07-FY-2017 Dismissed 2/23/2017
Roach Keri 5069 08-FY-2017 Consent 6/7/2017
Shiflet Kristen 9945 09-FY-2017 Consent 6/6/2017
10-FY-2017 Dismissed 5/18/2017
Estep Aimie 9088 11-FY-2017 Consent 9/21/2017
Haley Daniel 9761 12-FY-2017 Consent 10/13/2017
13-FY-2017 Dismissed 5/18/2017
Hampton Jenny 9332 14-FY-2017 Consent 2/23/2018

Fiscal Year - 2016
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Moore Danielle 8535 01-FY-2016 Consent 7/8/2016
02-FY-2016 Referred 5/12/2016
Miller Dawneda 1516 03-FY-2016 Consent 7/8/2016
Roberts Natasha 9097 04-FY-2016 Consent 10/20/2016
Rogozinski Kirk 5148 05-FY-2016 Consent 10/20/2016

Fiscal Year - 2015
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2015 No Action 10/16/2014
02-FY-2015 No Action 8/21/2014
03-FY-2015 No Action 8/21/2014
Cottrell Thomas 1929 04-FY-2015 Consent 12/1/2014
Holman Kristina 5886 05-FY-2015 Consent 6/4/2015
Mead Jason 5088 06-FY-2015 Consent 6/4/2015
Perdue Kristy 3247 07-FY-2015 Consent 6/4/2015
08-FY-2015 Referred 6/4/2015
09-FY-2015 Referred 6/4/2015
10-FY-2015 No Action 6/4/2015
Charles Kellie 4518 11-FY-2015 Consent 8/20/2015
Morris Robin 1340 12-FY-2015 Consent 11/30/2015

Fiscal Year - 2014
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2014 Dismissed 9/19/2013
Hinerman Michelle 2676 02-FY-2014 Consent 12/2/2013
03-FY-2014 Dismissed 9/19/2013
04-FY-2014 Dismissed 3/13/2014
Petty Rita 655 05-FY-2014 Consent 9/19/2013
06-FY-2014 No Action 9/19/2013
Duncan Nancy 106 07-FY-2014 Consent 6/5/2014
08-FY-2014 Dismissed 9/19/2013
Herrington Tiffany 9196 09-FY-2014 Consent 3/13/2014
Stuart Ernesto 5783 10-FY-2014 Consent 12/2/2013
Morgan Joshua 5461 11-FY-2014 Consent 12/2/2013
Napier Wynema 8708 12-FY-2014 Consent 8/21/2014
Montgomery Christina 5468 13-FY-2014 Consent 8/21/2014
14-FY-2014 Dismissed 3/13/2014
Wolfe Felicia 9026 15-FY-2014 Consent 3/13/2014
Dranbauer Julie 1896 16-FY-2014 Consent 3/13/2014
Hamilton Andria 5116 17-FY-2014 Consent 8/21/2014
Young Teresa 4820 18-FY-2014 Probation 12/1/2014

Fiscal Year - 2013
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2013 Dismissed 10/18/2012
02-FY-2013 Dismissed 10/18/2012
Tonkin Brenda 2142 03-FY-2013 Probation 4/18/2013
Schwartzmiller Wanye 4296 04-FY-2013 Consent 4/18/2013
Moran Melissa 8374 05-FY-2013 Consent 4/18/2013
06-FY-2013 Dismissed 4/18/2013
07-FY-2013 Dismissed 4/18/2013
Boothe Rachel 5320 08-FY-2013 Consent 6/6/2013
Duritza David 1760 09-FY-2013 Consent 6/6/2013
Stoneking Rae Ann 4845 10-FY-2013 Consent 6/6/2103
Straight Heather 3585 11-FY-2013 Consent 6/6/2013
12-FY-2013 Referred 4/18/2013
13-FY-2013 No Action 4/18/2013
Jones Samantha 8736 14-FY-2013 Consent 4/18/2013

Fiscal Year - 2012
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Everett James 8380 01-FY-2012 Consent 4/9/2012
Daniels Lindsay 9053 02-FY-2012 Consent 4/6/2012
Boley Sheri 550 03-FY-2012 Consent 7/19/2012
Pellegrin Leslie 3762 04-FY-2012 Consent 10/18/2012
Baston Tiffany 4843 05-FY-2012 Consent 10/18/2012
06-FY-2012 Dismissed 6/7/2012
Adams Tammy 2269 07-FY-2012 Consent 10/18/2012
Parker Alicia 4251 08-FY-2012 Consent 10/18/2012
09-FY-2012 Referred 1/27/2012

Fiscal Year - 2011
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Rubin Chastity 5904 02-FY-2011 Revoked 3/22/2012
03-FY-2011 Dismissed 4/6/2011
04-FY-2011 Dismissed 6/23/2011
05-FY-2011 Dismissed 11/29/2011

Fiscal Year - 2010
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Clevenger Natasha 7035 01-FY-2010 Suspended 3/25/2010
(Estepp) Smith Kristi 5003 02-FY-2010 Suspended 4/26/2010
Scarfella Kimberly 5203 03-FY-2010 Suspended 10/6/2011
Scarfella Kimberly 5203 03-FY-2010 Probation 9/8/2010
04-FY-2010 Dismissed 3/22/2010

Fiscal Year - 2009
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Harrison Kenneth 3908 01-FY-2009 Probation 6/18/2013
Harrison Kenneth 3908 01-FY-2009 Suspended 8/14/2011
Taylor Teresa 3716 02-FY-2009 Probation 10/31/2011
Chapman Adam 3377 03-FY-2009 Revoked 6/9/2010

Fiscal Year - 2008
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2008 Dismissed 10/18/2007
02-FY-2008 Referred 10/18/2007
03-FY-2008 Dismissed 6/19/2008
04-FY-2008 Dismissed 6/19/2008
05-FY-2008 Dismissed 6/19/2008
Casto Lee 5438 06-FY-2008 Revoked 6/23/2009
07-FY-2008 Dismissed 10/8/2008

Fiscal Year - 2007
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Williams Linwood 5139 01-FY-2007 Consent 6/12/2007

Fiscal Year - 2006
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2006 Dismissed 11/2/2006
02-FY-2006 Referred 10/26/2005
03-FY-2006 Referred 5/1/2006
04-FY-2006 Referred 4/19/2006
05-FY-2006 Dismissed 4/5/2007

Fiscal Year - 2005
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
Black Jared 3286 01-FY-2005 Consent 7/5/2006
Smith Andrea 3954 02-FY-2005 Revoked 6/23/2005
03-FY-2005 Referred 3/13/2005
04-FY-2005 Referred 10/19/2004
Patsh Patricia 4002 05-FY-2005 Consent 6/6/2006

Fiscal Year - 2004
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2004 Referred 7/22/2003
Closson Cynthia 1298 02-FY-2004 Consent 10/16/2003
03-FY-2004 Referred 9/16/2003
04-FY-2004 Referred 10/2/2003
05-FY-2004 Referred 12/2/2003
06-FY-2004 Dismissed 5/2/2007
07-FY-2004 Dismissed 3/24/2004
Haught Lori 4392 08-FY-2004 Consent 11/10/2004

Fiscal Year - 2003
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2003 Dismissed 6/10/2003
02-FY-2003 Referred 1/23/2003
03-FY-2003 Referred 4/8/2003
04-FY-2003 Dismissed 5/5/2003

Fiscal Year - 2002
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2002 Referred 5/24/2001
02-FY-2002 Dismissed 6/11/2002
03-FY-2002 Dismissed 6/3/2002
04-FY-2002 Dismissed 5/8/2002
05-FY-2002 Dismissed 6/12/2003
06-FY-2002 Referred 1/22/2003
08-FY-2002 Dismissed 3/26/2003

Fiscal Year - 2001
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2001 Referred 4/5/2001
Paterno Mary Jo 737 02-FY-2001 Consent 5/4/2001
03-FY-2001 Dismissed 6/14/2001
05-FY-2001 Dismissed 9/20/2001

Fiscal Year - 2000
Last Name First Name License # Ethics Log Number Sanction* Sanction Date
01-FY-2000 Dismissed 2/14/2000
02-FY-2000 Dismissed 6/28/2000
03-FY-2000 Dismissed 3/29/2000
04-FY-2000 Dismissed 5/23/2000


No Action = The issue before the Board was reviewed and no action was taken

Dismissed = The issue before the Board was reviewed and was dismissed without disciplinary action

Pending = The issue is under review and awaiting final determination by the Board

Referred = The Issue before the Board was reviewed and referred to another Board for investigation

Consent = The Licensee has entered into a negotiated agreement with the Board to avoid legal action

Probation = A form of disciplinary action that includes a negotiated agreement and the license is imprinted with "Probation"

Suspended = The licensee is prohibited from obtaining a license for a specified period of time; Revoked= The most serious penalty that prevents the individual from obtaining a license

Monthly Financial Reports