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History of the Board
Chapter 30, Article 23, Section 1 of the West Virginia Code was passed by HB 483 on July 1, 1977. The Code was revised during the 2007 Legislative session. This revision, effective June 10, 2007, changes the name of the Board to the Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners. The disciplines of Nuclear Medicine and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) will also be regulated with this revision. The Board made several changes to the Code in 2009. The changes were vetoed by the Governor, but re-passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, with an effective date of May 27, 2009. The Original Rule and Regulations were promulgated July 1, 1978. The Series 1 rule was updated in 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006 and the current Rule took effect on April 15, 2008. The Series 2 rule was written and passed by the Legislature in 1998 and revised during the 2008 Legislative session. The effective date of the Series 2 Rule was April 15, 2008. The Series 3 Rule was implemented on January 15, 2001 as a Procedural Rule and revised with an effective date of October 12, 2007. The Series 4 Rule is also a Procedural Rule which was revised and implemented with an effective date of October 12, 2007. The Series 5 Rule is the Standard of Ethics, which has the Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics. The Series 5 Rule was originally implemented as an Intrepretative Rule. However, this Rule was submitted for Legislative approval during the 2006 Legislative session, revised during the 2008 session and became effective on April 15, 2008. Series 5 is a Legislative Rule. The Series 6 Rule is the Board's newest Interpretative Rule which defines the Practice of Radiologic Technology. The original Series 6 Rule took effect on October 12, 2007. It was revised and implemented in 2009 with an effective date of July 10, 2009.

Organization Chart

  • Governor of West Virginia
    • Board Chair
      • Board Secretary
        • Board Members
          • Agency Staff
            Executive Director
            • Agency Staff
              Executive Assistant

Board Members

Rosemary Trupo - Board Chair
(term ends 6/30/2022)
157 Village Drive
Bridgeport, WV26330
Kimberly Hoffman - Secretary
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(term ends 6/30/2022)
67 Teays Pointe
Saint Albans, WV25177
Kristi Justice
(term ends 6/30/2020)
857 Hudson Street
Saint Albans, WV25177
Sheryl Snead
Radiologic Technologist
(term ends 6/30/2020)
205 Park Avenue
Princeton, WV24740
Victoria L. Novick
Nuclear Medicine
(term ends 6/30/2022)
951 Little Grave Creek Drive
Glen Dale, WV26038
Mercedes Ramas, MD
(term ends 6/30/2022)
33 Sandlewood Drive
Beckley, WV25801
Todd Resley, MD
Licensed Practitioner
(term ends 6/30/2021)
108 Sourwood Lane
Daniels, WV25832
Dee Workman
Radiologic Technologist
(term ends 6/30/2021)
138 Preston Place
Daniels, WV25832

Board Staff

  • Jamie S. Browning , BSRT (R)
    Executive Director
    Phone: 304-687-5292
    Executive Director Biography:
    Jamie Browning has over 25 years’ experience in the Medical Imaging field with over 15 years in regulatory compliance and radiation safety. Ms. Browning started her career as a radiology file clerk at Logan General Hospital while attending Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (SWVCTC) and graduated with an Associate Degree in General Studies. She continued her education at The University of Charleston (UC) where she graduated with an Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiologic Administration. Following graduation, Ms. Browning returned to her hometown in Logan, WV and worked at Logan General Hospital as a Radiologic Technologist for ten years. She thenjoined the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resource’s Radiological Health Program where she spent the next fifteen (15) years ensuring the citizens of West Virginia were safe from radiologic hazards and over exposures. She coordinated West Virginia's Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Mammography Quality Standards Assurance Program (MQSA), West Virginia's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Radon Reduction Program and West Virginia’s First Energy's Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Preparedness Programs. Ms. Browning has served as a Board Member for the West Virginia Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners (Board) for many years. Ms. Browning accepted the position of Executive Director for the Board beginning April 1, 2016.
  • Lori B. Elliott , CPA
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 304-558-4012
    Administrative Assistant Biography:
    Lori Elliott has worked in several areas of governmental accounting, including purchasing, accounts payable, budgeting and auditing. Ms. Elliott completed a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting, from West Virginia State University in 2004. She became a Certified Public Accountant in 2009. Ms. Elliott joined the staff of the West Virginia Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners in January 2018.

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The Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners' office
is open daily,

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

If you need assistance after hours, please contact our Executive Director at 304-687-5292

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